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2022 Common sense policies

The purpose of this document is to provide a common-sense approach to the planning and playing of our training and games within St Mary's CLG which in turn supports the effective running of our club, and our overall Games Development objectives. This document states the agreed guidelines to be followed and the steps to be followed.


St. Mary’s GFC promotes a “Give Respect Get Respect” ethos and expects its members to support this.


1. Mentors are asked to show each other, players, parents, and all Club members respect at all times and are reminded that they are                      representing the club

2. Pitch training times and games are allocated as per the agreement of the Pitch Co-ordinator. (or club executive)

3. With an increased number of teams, groups will require to share the pitch for training.

4. Club Policy is that official fixtures for all competitive games take priority over training pitch allocations. This applies to all teams / age groups.

5. Mentors who wish to re-arrange any official fixture that will result in a clash with an allocated training slot, must get an agreement with the            relevant Adult or Juvenile coaches.  The Juvenile Secretary or club Secretary for Adult games must be informed of any changes. A minimum      of 48hrs notice must be given where practical to ensure affected groups are notified.

6. Mentors who wish to arrange any challenge match that will result in a clash with an allocated training slot(s), must get an agreement with the      relevant coaches. If agreement cannot be reached, priority is given to the team with the allocated training slot(s). Please note that the pitch        is widely available at weekends thus causing no interference to any mid-week training slots. The Juvenile Secretary or club Secretary for            Adult games must be informed of any changes.

7. All GAA challenge games must be properly registered in accordance with the County Board instructions regardless of age grade, code,            level or where your opponent is from.  Please ensure that at least 2 days’ notice is given for any challenge game. Challenge match requests      are designed to only accept responses from users using an official GAA E-Mail Account, e.g Secretary etc.

     All LGFA challenge games mut be properly registered in accordance with the County Board instructions regardless of age grade, code,            level or where your opponent is from. Challenge match requests are designed to only accept responses from users using an official LGFA E-      Mail Account, e.g. Ladies Secretary etc. Full details in this format need to be submitted 3 days in advance. Date 08/06/2022, Time: 8pm,            Grade: U12s, St Mary's, Meath v St Colmcilles, Meath, Venue. Pilltown, Opposition: Colmcilles, Ref: xxx xxxx

8.  Mentors are requested to check the Pitch allocation listings in advance and should always seek to re-arrange training based on available           training slots.

9.  Where an official match is scheduled or arranged to be played after an allocated training slot for a group, all groups are requested to finish       your training session a minimum of 15mins ahead of the start of the following match. Alternatively, you may seek to relocate to the behind           the goals (Rosnaree side of the pitch / area) to complete your training session if agreeable by the Ref.

10. Teams must not encroach or interfere with any allocated training sessions.

11. Any instance of the above Policy not being adhered to, must be notified to the relevant Secretary immediately.

12. Breaches of this Club Policy will result in offending mentors being requested to attend the Clubs Disciplinary Committee to explain their              actions. The Club Executive will decide how an alleged breach of this Policy shall be dealt with.

13. Training in wintertime (dark evenings) must be co-ordinated with other training groups to ensure the lights are not burning / be used for 1            group due to the high cost. Having 2 groups utilising the lights is more cost effective and environmentally friendly. A contribution from the            subs from each group towards the running cost of the lights is required. All lights are not required to be switched on if a group is only using        half of the pitch.  


Playing Gear


1. The Club Committee intends to have an official range of Club gear including jerseys, training tops, shorts etc in 2022.


2. Club wear is available from the following designated outlets online, click the links for the club shops – O’Neills & Masita

3. The ordering of gear for any team must be pre-approved and managed centrally by the club committee to ensure consistency of gear type / best prices/correct affiliations.


4. Reproduction of the Clubs crest on unofficial gear is not permitted.


5. All team managements are requested to ensure that all players for all groups wear club shorts and socks and official team jerseys for all official matches.


6. In the event that a team sponsor wishes to purchase gear for a team, this should be discussed in advance with the Club committee and approved in advance by the Club Chairperson and / or Secretary and / or Treasurer.



Dressing Rooms


1. Only mentors/committee members who are Garda vetted are allowed keys to the club house facilities.


2. Dressing rooms should be locked while players are on the pitch.


3. Team Mentors will be responsible for locking up and turning off light/heaters in the dressing rooms and toilets.


4. Ensure that Dressing rooms/showers and general areas that are occupied by teams, prior to, during and after training and matches are kept clean at all times.


5. Each team is responsible for cleaning all used dressing rooms after training or matches. All bottles/gear/rubbish to be removed from side lines & dug outs of both home team and opposition following matches to ensure area is kept neat and tidy.


6. The use of cameras, smart phones or any other recording device or medium is strictly forbidden in the dressing room and surrounding areas.


7. Conditioned games should be played across the pitch where possible. This will protect the goalmouths, which are the most susceptible areas to damage.


8. The Chairperson and or / club Executive will have the final say in relation to any disputes about the use of the playing surfaces / closing of pitches etc.


Fund Raising


1.Coaches need to inform the club committee in advance if they intend to do any fundraising or plan to organise any fundraising activities to ensure the same business or individual has not been previously asked. The club will also be aware if the fundraising event is possibly clashing with another group’s fundraising activities at the same time. The club committee will support in whatever way is possible to support any fundraising plans.


2. The cost associated with the running our teams is significant and needs to be carefully managed by all mentors. The cost of running our teams includes the maintenance of our pitches, maintenance of the dressing room facilities, team affiliation fees to the County Board, footballs, cones, bibs etc.


3. These costs are far in excess of player membership fees and so fundraising and the control of expenditure are a necessary part of Club and mentor’s activity.


4. Over the course of the year, the Club will run a number of Club-wide fund-raising activities and we intend to run general social events in the Clubhouse in due course. Mentors are asked to encourage parents and, where appropriate, players, to participate in these events which often have the added benefit of building up engagement between Club members.


Games Promotion / Match Reports


1. Communication is an important part of the promotion of our games and engaging with our members and the broader community.


2. All communication related to Club activity should seek to support our brand and image as a sporting organisation as well as informing members and non-members about our activity and achievements.


3. The Club uses several official channels to promote its activity including social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) email and our website. The misuse of social media can have significant implications for the reputation of the club and / or its members and any breach of the Clubs Policy on Communications by a club member may necessitate further action up to an including under the Clubs Disciplinary Procedures.


4. Following the GAA & LGFA guidelines, the Club PRO has the final decision on social media posting.


5. Where appropriate, the Club will also use signage at appropriate points in the Village to advertise upcoming events and games.


6. Team mentors should appoint an individual (mentor or parent) to record and submit match reports to the Club PRO.  All competitive results should be sent through to the Club PRO.


Code of Conduct Parents/Guardians Code of Conduct


1.    Always encourage and support your child in their sport.

2.    Be familiar with those mentors who are coaching your child.

3.    Behave responsibly on the side-line.

4.    Bring children to and from training on time.

5.    Encourage your child to play by the rules.

6.    Respect officials/referees and accept their decisions.

7.    Do not use foul or abusive language or behaviours towards players/officials/coaches etc.

8.    Ensure your child has the proper training/playing gear and water.

9.    Support the coaches and help wherever necessary.

10.  Ensure that your child is a registered member of the club.

11.  Respect the coaches’ decisions and encourage your children to do the same.

12.  Show your support for your child/team by attending matches on a regular basis and assisting in the organisation of club activities.

13.  Ensure your child abides by the Players Code of Conduct below.

14.  Respect other Parents/Children whether at training, home or away games.

Players Code of Conduct

1.    Always do your best, play fairly, and have fun.

2.    Always shake hands before and after a match.

3.    Respect officials/referees and accept their decisions.

4.    Do not shout at or argue with the referee, officials, teammates or opponents.

5.    Do not tell lies or spread rumours about other adults or other children.

6.    Bullying is completely unacceptable.

7.    Never use foul or abusive language.

8.    Always remember that football is a team game and encourage your fellow players.

9.    Respect your club and its property.

10.  Let the Coach know when unavailable for training and matches.

11.  They should approach the Coach or the Club’s Liaison Officer with any questions or concerns they may have.

12.  Never take Photos/Videos of other players while on Club Premises

Coaches/Mentors – Code of Conduct

1.    Always encourage and support the Children.

2.    Ensure all Players uphold the Players code of conduct.

3.    Ensure all Parents uphold the Parents code of conduct.

4.    Use first names when referring to the Children.

5.    Never use bad language when speaking to or speaking in front of the Children.

6.    Avoid at all costs any confrontations with Parents, mentors or Referees in Front of players (This must be a safe non-threatening environment        for children).

7.    Never criticise poor skills, encourage practice at home.

8.    For Go Games, please abide by the Go Games principles.

9.    Go Games blitzes are to be used for skills development only, not winning games.

10.  Up to the age of 18, only player’s parents or Guardians are to be contacted by Mobile phone.

11.  Children cannot participate unless they are wearing the necessary protective equipment.

12.  Show respect to other Coaches within and outside the Club.

13.  Respect officials/referees and accept their decisions.

14.  If a Coach suspects that a player is carrying any injury, they will consult with the Parents regarding their ability to play or train.

15.  Operate within the “Working with Children” guidelines at all times.

16.  Show respect to all Parents and players within and outside the Club.

17.  Remember it’s about developing the Children’s skills and creating a fun and safe learning environment not enhancing your Managerial reputation.


Please note any fines arising from sending off’s, discipline issues from the Co Board issued to St Mary’s will be passed directly to the member/players involved such as any incidents relating to racial abuse, any incidents relating to violent conduct, any incidents relating to abusive language/ threatening behaviour being used towards officials /players.


A summary of the Players Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct must be signed by all Players Coaches and Parents when registering for membership, failure to do so will result in exclusion from St Mary’s GAA grounds.


Failure to abide by the code of conduct may result disciplinary action up to and included expulsion from the Club.


For more information, please contact our Children’s Welfare Officer. Email:

It is requested that this Policy is adhered to by all Mentors and Club Members with immediate effect.

This common sense document was drawn up by Sean Loughran, Robert Victory, Marc Byrne & Eugene McLaughlin, this was formally agreed and passed at a committee / coaches meeting.

Match Day Regulations

Introduction: These Regulations have been drawn up by Choiste Cheannais na gComortaisí An Mhí aand approved by Coiste Bainistí in accordance with Riail 3.20 and Rules of Control, Official Guide 2022 Cuid II. The County Competitions Control Committee (CCCC) is mindful of the GAA Give Respect Get Respect campaign and has drawn up these Regulations for the benefit of all stakeholders – players, referees, team management, officials, media, members and spectators. Please see attached for more information.

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