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Club Executive

The Club Executive Committee will be composed of members as set out below. (Although the proposed number of personnel on the Club Executive may appear large, it is proposed that the committee will meet every four-six weeks only).   

The following roles of the Club Executive Committee should be elected at the AGM 

  1. Chairperson

  2. Vice Chairperson (Planning & Support Subcommittee Chair)

  3. Secretary

  4. Treasurer 

  5. Assistant Secretary / Registrar (Membership & Registration Group Chair)

  6. PRO (Communication Team Lead)

  7. Irish language and Culture Officer 

  8. Children’s Officer

  9. Development & Planning Officer (Planning and Support Subcommittee Chair)

One Gaelic Games Family 

The GAA, Ladies Gaelic Football Association and the Camogie Association each have their own membership, governance and traditions. St Mary's GAA Club operate the One Club Approach promoting the playing of Gaelic games at both juvenile and adult level.

Annual General Meeting

Each year, the Club holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM is the most important meeting of the year and every effort should be made to ensure that it is organised in accordance with the rules as laid out in the Club constitution. The purpose of the AGM is to:

  1. Review the work of the previous year.

  2. Review financial statements and auditors reports.

  3. Elect officers and executive committee members.

  4. Get members views on Club and Association policy.

  5. Consider Club policy and revise or endorse.

  6. Make submissions through motions to the County Committee on the framing of policy and dealing with the rules of the Association.

St Mary's 2021 common sense document 



The Executive Committee is the controlling body in the Club. It is elected annually at the Club AGM. The Executive Committee has the sole right to appoint Subcommittees/groups as required. The Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer shall be the ex-officio members of all Subcommittees.

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